I’m a perfectionist. But not one of those perfectionist that does everything perfectly. I’m, you know, the other kind.

The kind that works something to death trying to make it perfect until it looks so horrible you have to throw it away.

The kind that wants everything to be perfect before she starts something, so she never starts.

The kind that thinks one day such and such will happen and I won’t have to deal with that annoying problem thus everything will be perfect and I can do this and that.

That kind of perfectionist. Hence my word(s) for 2011 are HERE and NOW. So far I can say that I have failed dismally in applying these words to my everyday life.

I’m not sure why I’m this way. Maybe it has something to do with growing up in a religion that tells you can be perfect. On your own. Regardless, it does tend to get in the way (see previous post).

So dear friends, how do you overcome perfectionism?

Impart your wisdom.


2 responses to “Perfectionism

  1. I suppose we all have a desire to be accepted, but sometimes our upbringing can be quite distorted, leading you to think “if do this perfectly, I’ll have friends. If I fail, my friends (and even God) will write me off.” That’s just setting yourself up for failure and disappointment. Fortunately, your friends, like everyone, are weak and imperfect, and not so chicken-hearted that they’re going to write you off like that. Sometimes it’s the weakness which makes the bonds of friendship even stronger.

    If a thing’s worth doing, it’s worth doing badly. God looks at the heart, the love. He’s not impressed with success or the big fellows. Any “success” comes as a response to His love, and the only perfection He asks of is for us to be perfected in love by becoming little children. We fall, we get up again, trusting in His love.

  2. Thank you Anthony!

    “If a thing’s worth doing, it’s worth doing badly.” That’s something I need to remember!

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