You’re the Star


I’m a 20 something stay-at-home mom to two adorable little boys. I have an adoring husband who is growing up to be a rock star theologian/philosopher and is currently studying civil engineering. I’m a convert from Mormonism to Protestantism to Catholicism.  I’m shy, a little disorganized, sometimes disheveled and usually do super awesome things overly ambitious. I love books and cooking gourmet. I’m attempting to teach myself to knit, trying to grow in my Catholic faith, and hoping to be the best mommy I can to the amazing blessings God has given me.

Why I started this blog


Shy + leaving the faith of your childhood + moving six times in the last five years + two young children + a husband who selflessly travels an hour away every weekend to help his parents in building their new house = really hard to find and keep good friends and mentors and every mother needs that!

Where you come in

Comment, please!

As a young mother I know there are a lot of women out there who have been there done that. If you have some advice, tips, encouragement, quotes, what-not-to-do stories, book recommendations, etc. please share.

( Guys are, of course, welcome as well!)


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